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Simplified Analytics and Reporting for Your Business Software

Sharperlight allows users to extract information from complex business systems by simplify the data structure into well organised folders. Users brings up the Query Builder in Excel, or as a standalone application, to build the query for the data to be extracted.

The results can then be drilled down to find the data that make up the numbers.

The same query can be published to a website to allow users to access the data from within or outside of the network.

Sharperlight also has a Data Write back feature to allow data and budgets to be written back to the SAP Business One system via the available APIs.

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Simplified Table Structure

The tables are organised in a logical data structure to allow users to easily find the modules that they are looking for.

Publish to Website

Queries built in Excel can be published to a website to create dashboards to be shared by other users in the network. The dashboards can be displayed on mobile devices to allow users outside of the network to access the data.

Dynamic Drill Down

Extracted data can be drilled down by any measures dynamically to see how the results are made up.

Other reporting tools have fixed drill down or has to be developed by experienced consultants. Sharperlight gives the power to the users to allow dynamic changes to the queries.

Pre-defined Drill Through

Users can also pre-define drill throughs to allow easy access to usual drill downs. This will also allow users on websites to drill through to data results

Write Backs

Getting Data into a system can sometimes be difficult. Having a write back capability from Excel allows the user to use a familiar interface to enter and validate data before uploading them to the system.

Sharperlight uses application APIs to safely call object methods and write data back with the standard method calls and checks offered by the system.

Sharperlight Features

There are many features of Sharperlight that cannot be easily demostrated on a static website.

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